Thursday, September 30, 2010

Collection 6: The E Empire, created by Eva Petrina

Created by: Eva Petrina
Graphics by: Eva Petrina

Collection 5:, created by Esther Modiel

Created by: Esther Modiel
Graphics by: Esther Modiel
Models: hela456, justysia_96, madziula1000, Karo_xD_, zacmienie, Dunia_11, korneliahiphop, mazakka, FairyQueen00, kara_253, paula12396, AgatQa.xo, gabi2568, Qeule, ewcia_1122, miss_safe, hil-ary_marcela, A.S.H.L.E.Y..., catalinakasia6, Olka_97, Delphine777,, domi-qs, Asia4414, esth001, SilverIvy, ColourGirl96
Main Ideas: Autumn is a combination of different colors. They are intense and beautiful. In my collection are clothes in the colors of autumn leaves, and cool colors. I am inspired by clothes from 50s and 60s, but there are also modern and classical elements. The style of my collection is feminine and elegant and there are a lot of floral motifs.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Collection 4: L'arte De Lily, created by Lily Rose Todd

Created by: Lily Rose Todd
Graphics by: Lily Rose Todd
Models: ciaraleanne, Fierceismything, xLou26, MySecketLover, bluegreen86, writemarycat, coconut_nicole
Main Ideas: L'arte de Lily is a collection that appeals to those who want to make a statement. The contrast between the vibrant hues and darker colors are what makes this collection a cut above and gives any wearer a sophistcated look. What inspired this collection was actually looking at my own wardrobe and my own personal style. It's sophisticated and classy without looking "cookie cutter."

Magazine 2: Eccentric by Vanessa Mendieta

Magazine 2 is out! And, btw, WOW!

Collection 3: Coconut, created by Becka Lavendale and Nojmul Alfred-Darnley

Created by: Becka Lavendale and Nojmul Alfred-Darnley
Graphics by: Becka Lavendale and Ciara Leanne Murphy
Models: Hunnigall, Princess_Kiara1 and N1mka4eva
Main Ideas: When you normally imagine a bra, you think either white, nude, or some black lacy sex tool. It’s become such a cliché! We wanted to change that. Coconut wanted to bring bolder colours into springtime, by fusing tropical influences with our British chic theme. Therefore, florals, warm tones with acidic contrasts, union jacks, teapots and a Mini are our staples. You won’t want to wear your old white knickers ever again.