Friday, June 3, 2011

Stardoll Fashion Week SS'12!

The last Stardoll Fashion Week was, in my words, a complete fail. I apologise for that.

But I've never been one fond of dwelling on the past. And so we move on!

Stardoll Fashion Week SS'12 is coming, everybody! And with a whole summer in which to plan, you can expect SO MANY new features, competitions and ideas!
Intensive planning won't be starting until early July, but we need to know NOW if you want in! The more time we give you, the better you can make the fabulous collections we have come to love viewing. So, in the comments to this post, we want all designers interested in participating to register. I will be contacting designers if they have made the grade.

Anyone interested needs to fill out the form below. ALL DETAILS must be included, INCLUDING an example of your designing skills. This needs to be clothing graphics you have created recently, NOT a sample from the collection you intend to release. If you are providing a link to an image, I must ask that you DO NOT USE TINYPIC. I can't open them, and I can't accept you if I can't see your talent!

Stardoll Name:
Name of Collection:
Skype Name:
Sample of graphics:

I am also asking anyone interested in becoming a media partner to apply with the form below. EVEN IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY A MEDIA PARTNER, I NEED TO YOU REAPPLY SO I KNOW YOU'RE STILL INTERESTED! The role of a media partner is to distribute news of the fashion week on a regular basis and wear the SFW logo on the side of your blog/magazine site. Any inactive media partners will be dropped!

Stardoll Name:
Name of Blog/Magazine:
Skype Name:

As ever, we want to display other forms of talent in the week, so we would like to ask prospective magazines who will be publishing during the week to apply also! Again, samples of graphics are required, and it's not essential, but a blogger site being used to publish the magazine is desirable.

Stardoll Name:
Name of Magazine:
Skype Name:
Sample of Graphics:

We will be asking for Stardesigners nearer the time. However, due to the medium success of having so many designers last time around, we have decided that there will only be 5 designer spots in the upcoming week. That way we can focus publicity and nobody will be forgotten! Also, only one print per designer, but they can sell two items in that print. Stardesigners can either create an SS design inkeeping with the other elements of the week, or go AW so that their design is more of an RTW release. Either way, while we are not accepting applications yet, we encourage anyone interested to get working on their prints, the competition will be fierce! Remember, we want complex, hard to duplicate prints, so nothing simple, and definitely nothing plagiarised. Originality is key!

The official date hasn't yet been finalised, I'm trying to find a time where most people will be able to attend, but it will be between mid-September and mid-October. All applications have to be in by Sunday 7th August 2011. Anyone who hasn't applied by then is too late! [Stardesign applications not included, they will be conducted seperately]

So get to work, Stardoll, because SFW is coming back!!