Sunday, February 20, 2011


I am now accepting magazines and Stardesigns for SFW. One design per applicant, all applications must be made through DOLL MAIL on Stardoll. Hurry, you have a week to get your apps in!

All designers, without exception, need to contact me. I need details and designs people.

And, due to inavoidable stuff in my real life, I am pushing SFW back one more week. The official [and hopefully final] date for the week is March 14th-March 20th 2011. Mark your diaries!

The week is coming up. Are you ready?


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Face of SFW: the ACTUAL results.

No jokes, you've waited long enough!

Well, you are a beautiful group of people, and there was a shortlist of beautiful and original, and like I said in the last post, picking just one person was really hard. I picked two. :)

These two people will accompany our fabulous Nicole in all the promos for this season's fashion week, and will hopefully become more know through their stunning looks. Seriously, personality on a stick.

You know what I love the most about all this? One of the winners actually commented on the last post, when I said it would be announced within days. I believe her post was along the lines of: "I'm so nervous, though I know I won't win!" Oh, how wrong you are...

Big congratulations to:

iovanca and FierceIsMyThing!!!!

Promo coming your way soon!!