Sunday, February 20, 2011


I am now accepting magazines and Stardesigns for SFW. One design per applicant, all applications must be made through DOLL MAIL on Stardoll. Hurry, you have a week to get your apps in!

All designers, without exception, need to contact me. I need details and designs people.

And, due to inavoidable stuff in my real life, I am pushing SFW back one more week. The official [and hopefully final] date for the week is March 14th-March 20th 2011. Mark your diaries!

The week is coming up. Are you ready?



Erin said...

I sent my design to you via Stardoll message! Thanks for the updates.


Cutiepie80 said...

I would like to enter Pucci Magazine :)
It will be Pucci Magazine's debut issue!

Link :

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Good Luck to all :D

Cutiepie80 said...

I will have to withdraw my applicant,Pucci's graphics will not be finidhed by the due date ://

Zoe_COUTURE said...

I sent you a doll mail :)

Nicole / nikkiiGOESrawr said...

It's March 5th already...

Jim said...

I've sent a doll mail to you (Psychotic-Freak) twice about my Stardesigns, but I've never heard back. Did you receive them? Because I really need to know if I'm in SFW or not so I can prepare.


PS: I really don't mean to bother or rush you, though!

Erin said...


Woops. Accidentally posted from my dad's account. Well, it's me. Erin.