Saturday, March 12, 2011

I understand your rage. Wait. No I don't.

Ok, I can only imagine the fury that will accompany this announcement - forewarning from people about the possible reaction of this has helped a little - but I'm making it nonetheless, on the basis that I genuinely can't see a way around it.
I'm having to postpone the week. Yes, again. Believe me, it's not by choice, but because I'm so stressed with real life [in an attempt to gain empathy from British readers: I'm taking 5 A levels. Hopefully some of you will now understand my workload], I don't have the time to organise a whole week in the time provided. Due to hideous planning of my free time, mainly on the part of my parents, I haven't actually had a proper rest, aka time to plan Dollywood events, since last summer, when I was planning the first week, which, despite widespread attempts to discredit me, I did actually do. Mary left, people, and I haven't asserted many times my irritation that people refuse to acknowledge that I did a vast amount of the work, but believe me, I did. Two months of my life went into that. I don't want widespread butt-kissing, I'd just like you to accept it.
Not going to happen, of course, but whatever.
One thing that isn't helping is Charlotte and Christina not being able to help. I miss speaking to them both, and I long for an opportunity where we can recapture some of the summer's fun. But they're doing what I need to: focusing on more important things.
Another reason for consistent delays, in an attempt to diffuse your intent to plaster me with rage, is inability for designers to cooperate. I thought trying to get hold of Dioguardi the first time around was hard enough [which it was. They pulled out eventually, but they were hours away from being kicked out. Just so you know], but this is somehow worse. Despite publicising the need for designers to contact me [which, I might add, none of the media partners have done, despite that kind of being the point], few actually have, much less send me collections. I'd like to take this moment in time to praise the glorious and wonderful Egle [vampire_, as if you didn't know], who has now sent me her collection first out of anyone for both weeks, along with always giving me the information I need, when I need it. E, I love you. I just wish the rest of them could be as dilligent. I haven't got anywhere near the amount of information required to get this week going. I have hideous amounts to do.
Unfortunately, at least for all the pixel snorters out there, I have more to do in real life, an amount that actually became real for me today, and I'm actually scared I can't swing it. So the week is being pushed back, once more, so I can try to get a handle on the more important things.
And yeah, I get it. People out there value this week as important. I do too. But I am going to say this, and it might shock some of you, I know, but what the hell: this is virtual.
No, I'm serious. Really!
And when it comes down to it, this is my perspective: I'll lose a lot more sleep over failing my A levels and not going to university, than I will about having to delay a virtual event that it seems few people really care about right now anyway.
The week right now stands to take place March 21st-27th. But who knows. I could change it again. Recent events have proved this site is stuffed with hate we need to unnecessarily channel into others, so me pulling my procrastination act again could wrench the bloodsucking leeches sometimes referred to as 'wannabes' off of the few genuine and kind people in this little world of ours. But for the sake of my sanity, I'll try my hardest to stick to this one.
So, I believe that's my little rant over with. Feel free to rip it up, change the words to suit your story, moan about how Mary's gone [again] and slap your tawdry, whining, probably poorly written abuse tale all over your individual blogs.
Go on, I'm serious. Here's a few words and phrases you can work with: 'pompous' 'who is she anyway?' 'PMS', and my personal favourite: 'Mary would have done it better'.
Yeah, she probably would. But she's got a real life too.
Oh, and one last thing: when you've done all that? Mail me the links to your posts. Reading them will amuse me.


Nicole Jones - Tapstar321 said...

I think we all totally understand that people have a life and postponements are expected so don't worry (:

Are magazine applications still being considered?

Miss_LolitaF said...

You go girl, my respect for you is now at the highest ranks ever. Not everyone would have the guts to say what you did.

Oh, and probably we all know Dioguardi would get kicked out because it sucks without Maggie & myself. Manolo ruined it.

liajm said...

Real life always comes first.
When it happens does not matter, all that matters is that it actually will happen successfully (:

liza.suliamnec/jelizaveta123 said...

I agrre wtih liajm (:
BTW I sent you a massage with a link of my stardesing collection

Inari said...

I understand what a big workload you have. I mean, I'm 13, in the 8th grade, and am taking College/University level classes and playing piano at a similar level. Plus, with everything else mixed in, it gets pretty tough.

And, the thing is, as much as I respect and look up to Mary, she woudn't have done a better job.

Shmarz said...

Wow... Its not often that someone has the guts to say that and dont end up with piles of haters. I commend you for your honesty! Good luck with everything! xo

Alienpop said...

Totally agree with ya! And I love that last line of yours "reading them will amuse me" lol xD

PwincessSara/Sara said...

It's OK Becka. I just read this post now-slow much? My brother's taking his A-Levels, and he's stressing. A LOT. So I think I can imagine what you're going through. Besides, like you said, you're not going to be losing much sleep over delaying this. I think the last SFW was a bit bigger, but hey, DON'T GIVE UP.

I just read this now, but if I'd read it earlier, I would've volunteered to give you a hand with SFW. If you still choose to postpone it, and need a hand, contact me via Skype (PwincessSara). :)

To all haters of B,
Go get a life. You organise the week, and let us know if you could've done it any better.

Oh, hey, Becka, why not do it in the Easter break? Would it be a bit easier for you?