Monday, December 6, 2010

It's back, people.

Grab your calendar, and make sure you aren't doing anything February 28th-March 5th 2011, because Stardoll Fashion Week is back!

This time around, we're doing it right. You have over 3 MONTHS to work on your collections for the Fall/Winter 2011 season, at least 12 looks to qualify a collection, please! We want ALL last season's geniuses to return, but we're still looking for more! We don't have a limit, so if you think you have the design talent to achieve a position, all you need to do is fill out a form and wait for me to contact you!

I need to clarify a few things: I don't wish to pinpoint them specifically, but they have been in the media recently with this false claim [through no fault of their own, as far as I know] so I want to straighten it out: Admire Couture, as yet, do NOT have a confirmed spot in the week. As I said to everyone who contacted me in the first few months, you all need to come forward AGAIN, so I can register you. Nobody has a confirmed spot yet, so everyone who has an interest, including those who contacted me previously, need to fill out the form below. GRAPHICS DESIGNERS ONLY RIGHT NOW PLEASE!

This time, there is NO SET RUNWAY. Remember before we had the template? Any designers who wish to use this and manipulate it to their desired look are free to do so. But if you want, you can design your own, completely from scratch! It can be anywhere, a garden, an old castle, the beach, anywhere you want! This is just another way in which you can exhibit your design talent, so give it a go! We have a few rules, but otherwise it's up to you:
 - Must have a 'walkway' [ie a clear space for the models to walk down... clearish, anyway]
 - Must have the SFW banner at the top, like the previous season [I can take care of that, just make sure the top hundred pixels or some doesn't have anything in it you want to be seen]
 - Must be of certain dimensions [ask for these when registering]

Due to timing issues last time, we had a few collections incomplete or dropping out all together. This must NOT happen this time around. If you haven't registered by January 15th, unless it is through fault of my own, you are NOT in the week, so do not wait around to get involved, and around three weeks before the show, I want ALL collections in, so we can work on presentation, and loading them onto blogger [no glitches this time, thank you very much...]. These deadlines are set so we can make the week run smoothly, and this time, I have little tolerance for it, which may seem harsh, but it's OK for you. You don't have a fashion week to plan.

Unless we cannot get hold of our previous Media Partners to confirm, we will be keeping all current media partners, but we still want more! You can fill out the form below to apply, post in the comments. At the current time, we are NOT looking for any Starbazaar designers, this will happen nearer the time, so if you're interested, start working on those! Also, if you are going to be putting your magazine out in late february to early march, just post a comment, we want to work with you!

So that's it! Fill out the form if you want to be a designer/media partner, and I will contact you as soon as I can!

Application for: Designer/Media Partner
Stardoll name:
Skype name [essential]:
Sample of graphics work [designer only]:
Link to blog/project [media partner only]:

Monday, October 18, 2010

Stardoll Fashion Week A/W'11: Yes, we're on about it already...

Don't worry Stardoll, you aren't going to have 4 months of us on about it. This post is making it known: it's gonna happen.

First ever SFW had it's issues, no point denying it, but also, it made a mark on Stardoll that has never been made before. Fashion icons came together with multiple projects, bringing our faltering social scene back to life.

..and it's coming back! At some point in February 2011, we're holding the second SFW - bigger and hopefully better than before! We'll be contacting our previous designers soon about bringing their collections back for the A/W week, but we want more of you our there to contribute! We aren't signing anyone up yet, plans aren't going to start until late November, so theres plenty of time before we begin boring you again. But we want to tell you about it now, so those interested can start preparing!

A few things are changing this time around. We will still have the template runway for people to customise if they want, but if you feel you have something a little more outside the box, there is no longer a limit. Whether you want your show to be in a garden, an old house, in the middle of the ocean... the world is your oyster! All we ask is that it resembles a runway setting, ie. a 'walkway' [a gap for them to walk down] and a few chairs, and our SFW banner at the top. Otherwise, get creating!

We also have plans for a few new design areas for you to work in! Fashion weeks in the real world don't just focus on the clothing. Make up and hair trends seen on the catwalks are duplicated throughout the year, so this is a HUUGE focus. In celebration of avant garde slap, we are happy to announce a new section, starting in February: SFW Styling Suite. We will be selecting three of our applicants for this section, and they will make headshots in which they design hairstyles, make up, and even custom jewellery if they want! Only the three best will be picked, so you need to think really hard if you want to be featured in this.

In our Stardoll world today, suite design is a big part of the social scene. Interior design is a huge industry, and as a budding interior designer myself, I know the attraction of swathing a room in couture. As such, we have plans for ANOTHER new section in SFW for you to work for: SFW Design Fair. Designers will have a blank room, and can manipulate it however they want, conveying the current fashions through decor. As many rooms as you want per design collection, we shall create a suite tribe! Again, numbers will be limited, so those interested will really need to work hard, for individuality, creativity, and nothing copied off of Google please!

We also want the returns of magazine releases and Stardesign collections, so start making your plans, people. As I learnt last time around, two months really isn't enough to complete a whole collection, so the earlier you start work, the less stress nearer the time. I want ALL graphics at LEAST two weeks beforehand this time, plus the minimum collection size is upping to 12, so you really need to kick things into gear!

From me, until November,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

NEW poll

Since on old poll was available to cheat, we saw that there might be chance that some of you have cheated. Here is new, safe poll:

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Vote now for YOUR favourite in the People's Choice Awards! You don't have long!

The Surprise Revealed to be.... Collection 11: Ostentatious, created by Alice Fare

Note: When Alice had her head injury last month, the word went out that her line couldn't be in SFW and we were devastated, for us and her. But we didn't give up hope, and when she could she worked on a small but incredible line for us, as a sweet way to round off our couture parade. It's not as big as others, but I think the talent shines through. And honestly? Best runway of the week, j'adore!! Congrats and thank you Alice for your hard work!

Created by: Alice Fare
Graphics by: Alice Fare
Main Ideas: For this collection I was inspired by the magic of Asia. After watching the movie Tekken (perhaps not a literal connection to asian culture, but nonetheless inspiring) I was caught by the elements of girl power. See, Tekken tells a story of a fighter, they fight for a living in times of desperation; women included, and it was this power they exuded that made me think: so what if they wear skimpy clothing? I can reinvent that; perhaps not in a sensible manner for sport, but I can sill use those elements of power and strength to create an outfit that tells a story. Particularly the shoes express how impressive and fearful a strong woman is; but also how feminine and mysterious they are. My vision was to mould my own interpretations of strength into something beautiful; and this is what was formed. Ostentatious.

Collection 10: Ribbon, created by Christina Grubisa

 1.Collection Part
(enlarge to see better full graphic)

Created by: Christina Grubisa:
Graphics by:
Models:  .Blooms.. , Findurlove ,N1MKa4Eva
Main Ideas: Ribbon is a new fashion line created and owned by Christina Grubisa. She and her graphic team, Lana, Colton, Samantha worked hard to impress the public with brand new, different and never seen before style for summer outfits. Inspired by mermaids (sirens), this collection has a gothic touch - which makes this collection beautiful, yet scary and mysterious at the same time.

Note: This wasnt planned collection. I, Christina, planned much more. Hopefully next collection will be as it should be. Still, I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me to make this collection. Comments and critics are welcome and needed so we can improve ourselves.

Official site:

Magazine 4: Recherche Magazine created by Lily Rose Todd

And Recherche is back with another amazing issue! You have to envy her graphics skills...

Collection 9: Flawless Bridal Couture, created by Becka Lavendale and Ciara Leanne Murphy

Note: We had a disaster this week. Ciara was planning to do all graphics, and the first 2 dresses have been done by her. But then her laptop was completely wrecked by some sort of virus [technology doesn't want to work for us this week!] meaning her photoshop was impossible to use. So Lily stepped in to do the rest, but she was unable to make it today, so I only had one of her graphics. At the last minute, Ellen stepped in to make us one more. The full collection in graphics will come out within the next week, and we're sorry about the lack of them right now. But we will release our sketches so you can see what it will [eventually] look like. The lot will feature our competition winner, mini-casie, and we'll try to sneak in a few surprises for you! And let's hope that Ciara can do ALL our graphics come February!

Created by: Becka Lavendale and Ciara Leanne Murphy
Graphics by: Ciara Leanne Murphy, Lily Rose Todd and Ellen Rouge
Models: N1mka4eva, Princess_Kiara1
Main Ideas: Flawless is based on contrast. The simple meets the incredibly intricate. The demure meets the daring. The classic meets the avant garde. Our key theme was structure, using boxy geometric constructions to warped contorted curves. A couture bridal line inspired by the beauty of sculpture, extreme detail and decadence portrayed in striking white. Sheer panels and lace details, the romantic staples, meet stark white and simple silhouettes, dramatic statements. You’ll never find more avant garde wedding dresses.

Magazine 3: vaniTEEN by Noralie Meester

After a few issues yesterday, vaniTEEN has made it's AMAZING debut! Check it out ;)

Collection 8: V&T, created by Vasia Politis and Tonia Dems

Created by: Vasia Politis and Tonia Dems
Graphics by: Vasia Politis and Tonia Dems
Models: happy_2007 and fierceismything
Main Ideas: Eco. The thing everyone's been talking about this season. This collection isn't couture as some pieces are casual. The collection is inspiried by nature. Every collection we try to create something different but trendy and are you in for a treat? Yes as we're bringing Spring's fashion fad, to you!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Collection 7: Fantasy Couture, created by Ellen Rouge

Created by: Ellen Rouge
Graphics by: Ellen Rouge and Egle Stone
Models: Pirata111, Conii987, Writemarycat, Fifibannana, Toxxic.Angel, Vasia28, GothRibbon, N1mka4eva, .Pease., Blueberry-Dream
Main Ideas: Well, this collection isn't couture, and some pieces are casual, but the rest is more interesting and different. My biggest inspiration is nature, and this collection is about sky - wind, clouds and sunrise. Also, my inspirations are fashion designers and fashion houses like Alexander McQueen, Victor & Rolf or Versace. I try to create something different, a little weird  - maybe not in first collection, but that's my biggest goal.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Collection 6: The E Empire, created by Eva Petrina

Created by: Eva Petrina
Graphics by: Eva Petrina

Collection 5:, created by Esther Modiel

Created by: Esther Modiel
Graphics by: Esther Modiel
Models: hela456, justysia_96, madziula1000, Karo_xD_, zacmienie, Dunia_11, korneliahiphop, mazakka, FairyQueen00, kara_253, paula12396, AgatQa.xo, gabi2568, Qeule, ewcia_1122, miss_safe, hil-ary_marcela, A.S.H.L.E.Y..., catalinakasia6, Olka_97, Delphine777,, domi-qs, Asia4414, esth001, SilverIvy, ColourGirl96
Main Ideas: Autumn is a combination of different colors. They are intense and beautiful. In my collection are clothes in the colors of autumn leaves, and cool colors. I am inspired by clothes from 50s and 60s, but there are also modern and classical elements. The style of my collection is feminine and elegant and there are a lot of floral motifs.