Saturday, October 2, 2010

Collection 10: Ribbon, created by Christina Grubisa

 1.Collection Part
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Created by: Christina Grubisa:
Graphics by:
Models:  .Blooms.. , Findurlove ,N1MKa4Eva
Main Ideas: Ribbon is a new fashion line created and owned by Christina Grubisa. She and her graphic team, Lana, Colton, Samantha worked hard to impress the public with brand new, different and never seen before style for summer outfits. Inspired by mermaids (sirens), this collection has a gothic touch - which makes this collection beautiful, yet scary and mysterious at the same time.

Note: This wasnt planned collection. I, Christina, planned much more. Hopefully next collection will be as it should be. Still, I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me to make this collection. Comments and critics are welcome and needed so we can improve ourselves.

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joanne.mccoy49 said...

i like it

Anonymous said...

Actually pretty much boring, not outstanding, i'm sorry but i dont like it :/
And, as it's something naturally for Lana, the body shape of the last model is out of porportion.
Indeed, it could be better.

ForeverGorgeous / Lana. said...

I didn't do the last model. ;)

Stardollpetiteastuces said...

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