Friday, October 1, 2010

Collection 7: Fantasy Couture, created by Ellen Rouge

Created by: Ellen Rouge
Graphics by: Ellen Rouge and Egle Stone
Models: Pirata111, Conii987, Writemarycat, Fifibannana, Toxxic.Angel, Vasia28, GothRibbon, N1mka4eva, .Pease., Blueberry-Dream
Main Ideas: Well, this collection isn't couture, and some pieces are casual, but the rest is more interesting and different. My biggest inspiration is nature, and this collection is about sky - wind, clouds and sunrise. Also, my inspirations are fashion designers and fashion houses like Alexander McQueen, Victor & Rolf or Versace. I try to create something different, a little weird  - maybe not in first collection, but that's my biggest goal.


Esther said...

Good job!:)

Iovanca said...

great collection!
good job

Brumilicious/Julie. said...

I like this,it`s so simple and stylish,based on geometric cuts,i just aodre it!

Raluca Mary said...

It simple . Well defined edges . I love it .

Laura Torronley / Lizs (on stardoll) said...
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Anonymous said...

Simple and Stylish. Love it.