Sweet dreams are now reality - each single of you can become a famous designer and make your own way up to the Fashion Industry. Now, even more - your collections can be featured in Stardoll's fashion magazines and even Starplaza itself. How come?

SFW is a project launched by Fashion Group in July, 2010 and even before the start of the week, it has become very popular and even Stardoll.com knows about it!

Fashion Week is a seasonal show and the main collections are up in September (Spring-Summer of the next year), and February (Fall-Winter of the next year). Cruise and haute couture are in, as well!

The main idea of it is to collect a lot of creative people in the same place, time, and with the same opportunities. Everyone will be in: fashion bloggers, magazine editors, media partners, assistants, stylist, designers... ahh the creative atmosphere! And also - it doesn't depend if you're in Fashion Group or elsewhere. Fashion Group is just giving it's staff and organizing the whole thing, but it's Stardoll Fashion Week. Stardoll.

To participate as a designer, click here
To become a media partner (for blogs, projects, magazines, clubs etc) click here
To get an invite, click here

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