Monday, December 6, 2010

It's back, people.

Grab your calendar, and make sure you aren't doing anything February 28th-March 5th 2011, because Stardoll Fashion Week is back!

This time around, we're doing it right. You have over 3 MONTHS to work on your collections for the Fall/Winter 2011 season, at least 12 looks to qualify a collection, please! We want ALL last season's geniuses to return, but we're still looking for more! We don't have a limit, so if you think you have the design talent to achieve a position, all you need to do is fill out a form and wait for me to contact you!

I need to clarify a few things: I don't wish to pinpoint them specifically, but they have been in the media recently with this false claim [through no fault of their own, as far as I know] so I want to straighten it out: Admire Couture, as yet, do NOT have a confirmed spot in the week. As I said to everyone who contacted me in the first few months, you all need to come forward AGAIN, so I can register you. Nobody has a confirmed spot yet, so everyone who has an interest, including those who contacted me previously, need to fill out the form below. GRAPHICS DESIGNERS ONLY RIGHT NOW PLEASE!

This time, there is NO SET RUNWAY. Remember before we had the template? Any designers who wish to use this and manipulate it to their desired look are free to do so. But if you want, you can design your own, completely from scratch! It can be anywhere, a garden, an old castle, the beach, anywhere you want! This is just another way in which you can exhibit your design talent, so give it a go! We have a few rules, but otherwise it's up to you:
 - Must have a 'walkway' [ie a clear space for the models to walk down... clearish, anyway]
 - Must have the SFW banner at the top, like the previous season [I can take care of that, just make sure the top hundred pixels or some doesn't have anything in it you want to be seen]
 - Must be of certain dimensions [ask for these when registering]

Due to timing issues last time, we had a few collections incomplete or dropping out all together. This must NOT happen this time around. If you haven't registered by January 15th, unless it is through fault of my own, you are NOT in the week, so do not wait around to get involved, and around three weeks before the show, I want ALL collections in, so we can work on presentation, and loading them onto blogger [no glitches this time, thank you very much...]. These deadlines are set so we can make the week run smoothly, and this time, I have little tolerance for it, which may seem harsh, but it's OK for you. You don't have a fashion week to plan.

Unless we cannot get hold of our previous Media Partners to confirm, we will be keeping all current media partners, but we still want more! You can fill out the form below to apply, post in the comments. At the current time, we are NOT looking for any Starbazaar designers, this will happen nearer the time, so if you're interested, start working on those! Also, if you are going to be putting your magazine out in late february to early march, just post a comment, we want to work with you!

So that's it! Fill out the form if you want to be a designer/media partner, and I will contact you as soon as I can!

Application for: Designer/Media Partner
Stardoll name:
Skype name [essential]:
Sample of graphics work [designer only]:
Link to blog/project [media partner only]: