Monday, October 18, 2010

Stardoll Fashion Week A/W'11: Yes, we're on about it already...

Don't worry Stardoll, you aren't going to have 4 months of us on about it. This post is making it known: it's gonna happen.

First ever SFW had it's issues, no point denying it, but also, it made a mark on Stardoll that has never been made before. Fashion icons came together with multiple projects, bringing our faltering social scene back to life.

..and it's coming back! At some point in February 2011, we're holding the second SFW - bigger and hopefully better than before! We'll be contacting our previous designers soon about bringing their collections back for the A/W week, but we want more of you our there to contribute! We aren't signing anyone up yet, plans aren't going to start until late November, so theres plenty of time before we begin boring you again. But we want to tell you about it now, so those interested can start preparing!

A few things are changing this time around. We will still have the template runway for people to customise if they want, but if you feel you have something a little more outside the box, there is no longer a limit. Whether you want your show to be in a garden, an old house, in the middle of the ocean... the world is your oyster! All we ask is that it resembles a runway setting, ie. a 'walkway' [a gap for them to walk down] and a few chairs, and our SFW banner at the top. Otherwise, get creating!

We also have plans for a few new design areas for you to work in! Fashion weeks in the real world don't just focus on the clothing. Make up and hair trends seen on the catwalks are duplicated throughout the year, so this is a HUUGE focus. In celebration of avant garde slap, we are happy to announce a new section, starting in February: SFW Styling Suite. We will be selecting three of our applicants for this section, and they will make headshots in which they design hairstyles, make up, and even custom jewellery if they want! Only the three best will be picked, so you need to think really hard if you want to be featured in this.

In our Stardoll world today, suite design is a big part of the social scene. Interior design is a huge industry, and as a budding interior designer myself, I know the attraction of swathing a room in couture. As such, we have plans for ANOTHER new section in SFW for you to work for: SFW Design Fair. Designers will have a blank room, and can manipulate it however they want, conveying the current fashions through decor. As many rooms as you want per design collection, we shall create a suite tribe! Again, numbers will be limited, so those interested will really need to work hard, for individuality, creativity, and nothing copied off of Google please!

We also want the returns of magazine releases and Stardesign collections, so start making your plans, people. As I learnt last time around, two months really isn't enough to complete a whole collection, so the earlier you start work, the less stress nearer the time. I want ALL graphics at LEAST two weeks beforehand this time, plus the minimum collection size is upping to 12, so you really need to kick things into gear!

From me, until November,


Alienpop said...

Hello! I have a question to ask you...

I have absolutely no idea how to do graphic designing so I was wondering if I would be allowed to do a collection of my real life drawings.

I have a camera on my computer and could easily upload the collection. I would make sure to make the drawings visible and easy to see on the screen.

Please respond so I will know if I should start working on it or not.

Thanks!!!! -Clare

Mini_casie said...

Great! >:D

liajm said...

So glad to hear about all this (: Graphics aren't really my thing, but I'll start thinking about a star design collection (:

blueberry-dream said...

Awesome, I do want to participate, I'll Skype you, Becka ;O

Erin said...

This is so awesome! I am really looking forward to this!

I hope I can do another collection.


MissDancer853 said...

Great,can't wait!

Neeka / Princess_Kiara1 said...

I wanna applicate for this fw >:)
So i guess i'll start working on my sketches :)

Mini_casie said...

I wanna participate also, I will give you a ring. [: (MSN)

-Danae Ashlynn

xx-kirsten-xxx said...

Am very excited already-hope to be a Stardesign designer again :)

But I have a small suggestion-each stardesign designer makes 7 different patterns, each one available for 1 day only, I think that would be a bit better than over 5 weeks like it has been this time, I haven't even released all 5 of my patterns as people completely lost interest after pattern 1. Just a suggestion thought :)

Love K xxx

PwincessSara/Sara said...

Awesome!! :D
Graphics aren't my forte, but I think I might to a Stardesign collection.

Good Luck! You did an awesome job last time ;D