Saturday, July 31, 2010

SFW Media Partnership Features!

Hello! How are our fashionistas doing?
I've got some cool news about SFW and it's partnership with other projects, and how we've made it for the past two days!
Also, I would like to introduce a SFW Manager - Becka aka Psychotic-Freak - who is a great worker and without her SFW wouldn't develop as quick as it is!
So, for the last few days we've got really huge projects to become Media Partners of our Stardoll Fashion Week, a lot of designers, who sometimes are freaking me out (people of art, what can you say? :D) and I want to point out an updated list of the projects, blogs and magazines, which are helping us to make the whole fashion Show bigger! Here they are:
(You can find the links on the bottom of this page) 

- Fashion Group (as expected)
- Dioguardi Group (Says 'hello' too! We are warmly welcoming this huge project!)

PR Companies:
- The Icon Company (Promoting the future worldwide famous!)

- Stardoll Most Wanted (The first ever partner blog, which is the biggest ever, too!)

- Eternity
- Statement (...Which is also now a part of Fashion Group, Congrats! Coco, I need a little logo! :)
- Runway (Congratulations on Fashion Group too!)
- Fierce (The Fiercest magazine around!)
- Recherche (Welcome, welcome! :)
- Poison (Seen the last issue? Improved much!)
- Stiletto Magazine (I need some new Stilettos, lalala)

Other Projects:
- FAU University (Will soon start studying!)

Okay, so we're waiting for YOUR project or blog to get into the list and featured in the official spoiler!Also, I need to get all the media partners list done by 7th of August! Because that's when we'll release the spoiler on... (ouups) *hint* SFW Take Over 2010!

Register to be a MP here. 


Miss_LolitaF / Lolita E. said...

Skype sign: (party)

♥Toxxic.Angel said...

lalala :D

Ciara said...

:D Awesomee

Hotangel9 said...

Could you add some media of mine to boost views?

Please take a look-

- Blog

-Stardoll's Next Top Model

Tallulah Firefly said...

Hi! I'd like to be a MP with my magazine Sugar!
Here is the logo!