Saturday, August 21, 2010

We Need You!

Hey guys, it's Becka [Psychotic-Freak] here! While Mary's away, I'm taking over SFW, so any questions etc should be directed at me :)
Right now, we have many many exciting plans for the week, and are planning a complete fashion takeover. You've never seen anything like this before... but we're still extending and planning new ways to get the whole Stardoll world involved. And we need you to do that!
Right now, I'm looking for MANY people. So I'm making a plea to you:
Any magazine owners releasing issues this September, contact me, we want your involvement too! Add me and give me your skype for more information.
We have a group of very talented graphic designers, but we're looking for some Stardoll based designers too, whose work is confined to the Starbazaar... so if you're talented at patterns and Stardesign work, we want you too!
Saying that, we have a few ground rules:
- No Twilight prints, I cannot stress that too strongly.
- No cartoon prints
- No designer prints [eg. Gucci, Burberry, LV...]
- No celebrity prints..
Essentially, nothing plagurised. We want originality, here! Take inspiration from Marcela.
If you have a talent for designing amazing prints that aren't associated with the Cullens, then contact me, we want you in too! Add me and I'll tell you more.
More exciting updates on SFW coming soon!


AlexCendraBurke said...

i know where your coming from when your saying "no twilight" ;D

FashionnGirl. said...

Well i can make Louis Vuitton Burberry And GUCCI designs how about that

FashionnGirl. said...

and i have a blog

Becka said...

It doesn't matter what designer prints you can do, I said nothing PLAGURISED, aka COPIED. We want originality!

xx-kirsten-xxx said...

Hey, I design prints in stardesign, I'll put a comment in your guestbook if that's ok?

Thanks :)

Love K xxx (sparklewand12 on stardoll)

Jessica/Jay.Pattinson said...

When you say prints, do you mean pepole that can make Gucci, DKNY and stuff like that?
Or we can also make "normal" prints? Kindda like the ones that Marcela does.

If it's like Marcela's, I think I can make some (:

Anonymous said...

Awesome I will be adding you :D

liza said...

I make patterns
visit me-
and you will see some of my desings

Princesskeyera/Keyera said...
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Princesskeyera/Keyera said...

I have some orginal designs I made. I can send you a screen Print!! If you're interested contact me in my GB!


Caitriona (freelife07) said...

i have designs! no all like marcela's and only a couple are twilight, but obviously i wouldn't put that forward. I comment in your gb :)
freelife07 xx