Monday, January 10, 2011

OK, OK, all of you shutup.

I'm tired of being asked who's in. Surely you could have all figured that I would LET YOU KNOW?
But whatever. Here is the list, so far:

• Lana [forevergorgeous]
• Admire Couture [as if I could forget.. sinbabee]
• Linus [Dog-boy96]
• BYS [Blahm3]
• Laura [Lizs]
• Fantasy Couture [eeleenyte10]
• Coconut
• Wonderland of E
• BrunoExclusive
• MadDrumFairy

• Late Night with Chad [MadWorld]

• Editorialized [missricopenguin]
• Perfection Magazine [mini-casie]
• TSS [devie44]
• The Fashion Eye [princessvx]

OK, you all have tasks. All designers need to contact me on skype to give me details. My skype is beckaa.. [with the two dots on the end] and this needs to be done fast.
Media partners, I need logos for you. 100x50 pixels, white background please. Also needs to be done fast.
I'd like to make a plea now. NO TINYPICS. I hate it, and my computer clearly does too, as it now refuses to load them. Therefore, there were several applicants I couldn't add to the list above, as I couldn't load their evidence of graphics skills. But I'm not giving up on you! So, the following people, pay attention:
• Pirata111

• xiKewii
• Vessts
• ColtonAttack
• Plami161
• Fol_let
• Fashionngirl
• Miladyfashion

I need you all to find me on skype [beckaa..] and send me your images again. NO TINYPICS. I cannot stress that too strongly.
If you hadn't got round to it yet, worry not! Applications are still open, until JANUARY 21ST. Media partners and designers. Apply to the previous post's comments with the form provided, and again, NO TINYPICS. :)
PS: In answer to the very, VERY frequently asked questions, YES, we are accepting magazines and stardesigners, but NO, not yet. I'll make another post when it's time. Now untwist your knickers, please.
PPS: STARDESIGNERS, take note. This time, each designer will only release ONE PRINT, for the duration of the week. Just one. So make it good!!


Anonymous said...

You really need to calm down! You're such a loser acting like a snotty bitch! Ugghhh..nobody likes your attitude!

Anonymous said...

You sound like a psychotic freak!Lol

Anonymous said...

You really live up to your name. What's the matter,you can't take the pressure? :(

Kylie/missricopenguin said...

i'll make and send you the logo asap :D

Becka said...

To the three anonymouses:

1) I don't care if you don't like my 'attitude'. I am a bitch, but I'm not snotty, just tired of people bleating at me. And I'm the loser? You're the anonymous whiner..

2) That's why it's my username. Your wit is enchanting.

3) I know I do,that's why I chose it. I can take pressure, I'm just bored of people whinging. Much like yourself, in fact.

Becka said...

And ily Kylie :)

Blahm3 said...

Thanks soo much Becka :) xoxo

xx-kirsten-xxx said...

One design for stardesign sounds good, but I already had 4 prepared, how will I choose!!!!

Love K xxx

sinbabee x said...

Thanks Becka :)x

MissDancer853 said...

Thanks Becka. :)

xiKewii said...

Becka, I don't think I'll be releasing a collection this season. Sorry for wasting your time :s

Anonymous said...

Okay, ignore my last comment, I'll send you a sample of my graphics now..

PwincessSara/Sara said...

I'll try and apply to Stardesign :D

Erin said...

Great! Thank you for all the information. And you're doing a great job- Don't listen to those Anonymous people for a moment! I'll make sure to start getting a print or two ready for this!

-Erin Claire

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